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Are Tutors “Teaching to the Test?”

When people say that test prep is ‘teaching to the test,’ I agree that it is always a good idea to know the mechanics, timing, and content of a test before you take it. Teachers provide study guides for this very reason.

However, there is an additional benefit to taking a test preparation class in school, with a good tutoring organization, or with a one-one tutor:

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-Students refresh their memory of concepts they need for college, but haven’t seen since 8th, 9th, or 10th grade. Think grammar or geometry.

-Students become better at reading and better at comprehending the gist of what they read quickly. We use that skill in many professions every day.

-Students practice –sometimes learning for the first time — how to read data in charts and graphs.

-Students learn and master executive functioning skills such as pacing, deciding when to stay with an item and when to go, and learning and applying strategies.

The college-entrance exams ACT and SAT are both based on standards, just like the curriculum in your school. The ACT calls their standards College and Career Readiness standards, and they are exactly that: what a college freshman needs to know to succeed in college and career.

So hire that experienced tutor with confidence that you are providing your child much more than help reaching a test score and access to his or her dream school and scholarships. You are also supporting his or her academic foundation.

What is School Day Testing?

ACT/SAT School-Day Testing?

Many families are aware that the SAT added a Sept. exam and the ACT added three extra test dates in Sept. and October alone (for 5 total).

Fewer families have heard about the “SAT and ACT School Day Testing” program, with which high schools can arrange to test just their own school’s students on a school day. A number of schools have done this for years now, and more schools are beginning to consider it this fall or have already signed up.

High school counselor Larry Mandernach was on a podcast describing the benefits of school day testing this week. If you’d like to listen, you can check it out here!

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Students and parents, head on over to our free, safe ACT Support Network site featuring lots of free resources and weekly motivation to stay on the ACT or SAT prep track even though the tests have been pushed back. I have just uploaded an amazing free gift of DELTAMATH. Students cannot access this without a teacher, and my network members will have access to hundreds of practice problems for key math concepts to keep their skills sharp. Just head over to https://bit.ly/LINKact1 for the link to DeltaMath and my teacher code to give you F R E E access.

Once there, you can download our free phone app to get weekly motivation, free resources, and join a safe, moderated support network for help with your ACT Prep questions.

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