Link Private Tutoring ACT Prep

Get the score you deserve! We help you earn the scores you need to get into your dream school and earn scholarships! Many students show 4-8 point gains in only 10 sessions.

Tutoring Works!

Maybe you’re wondering – can I really raise my score enough to matter?

Now, you already know a better score will open doors to better schools and scholarship money. You’ve been dreaming about finding a perfect college fit, but you aren’t sure if you can afford the tuition. Or what if you need a few more points to look better to the admissions committee?

“You helped my son E with his ACT and his is on full scholarship at his University! We’d like our younger son J to work with you, too.” – C.C.

With colleges loosening rules about ACT and SAT scores, many of your peers will submit scores that are lower than what they could have achieved with more preparation and more opportunities to take the test. The average college acceptance rate is 68%, and for selective schools it is 15% or lower. PREPARING PUTS YOU AHEAD of the game!

3 Points Plus

“Laura, I am thrilled with the results! He went up 6 points in English and 7 points in reading! Thank you for getting him there!” E.B.

We are excited to work with your child, and we want to ensure your child’s education is supported during this time.

Call or text 985-260-2620 to discuss a schedule that will meet your needs.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes bring sessions alive and help students maintain their learning by studying together. Join our next small group class or create your own friend group class.




Call or text 985-260-2620 for more information.

Online Course

If you know the ACT test secrets, a three-point gain is practically guaranteed. Now more than ever, a higher ACT score can help you stand out above the rest for college acceptance, and especially for scholarships.

I want to help you learn how to take the ACT test with confidence. In addition to one-to-one tutoring, I’m teaching a self-paced ONLINE ACT secrets class! It is organized into 6 sections: an introduction, English, Math, Reading, Science, and a little about the essay.

photo of phone with link private tutoring 985-260-2620
Call us at 985-260-2620
Headshot of Laura Link, head tutor and owner
Laura L. Link Head tutor and owner

Rachel J

My son was stuck getting the same score a few times in a row. We thought he’d like an extra boost on his last try taking the ACT in his 12th grade year. He attended Boot Camp in August and raised his ACT from a 32 to a 34, with perfect scores in reading and science. Many thanks for the strategies that added extra tools to his toolbox!

We help students earn the ACT, PSAT and SAT scores they deserve, so they can attend their dream school and earn scholarships so they graduate with less debt and more success.

About our Instructors

Laura Link is so much more than a tutor: she’s a certified teacher specializing in building students’ strengths. In her 13 years helping students raise their test scores, Laura has discovered secrets that have helped thousands of students earn the ACT and SAT test scores that result in college acceptance and scholarship money. Parents and students alike will tell you that Laura is passionate about meeting every student where they are so they can access opportunities that fulfill their dreams.

“You have one happy mama here! C just finished his first session with you and he is smiling! He said, ‘Mom, I CAN do this! Thank you for building his confidence.” Dr. J. G.

As a sought-after test prep expert, Laura has traveled the United States training teachers how to help students raise their ACT and SAT scores. Two local publications voted Link Private Tutoring as Northshore’s Best Tutoring Center, she is a frequent podcast guest, and she is a founding member of the National Test Prep Association. Of all her accomplishments, though, she is most proud that her students’ test scores grow: her school district actually contacted her to find out what she was doing right, because her students’ scores were the only ones in the district that gained significant points in one semester. When she is not teaching, Laura is probably reading, writing, or playing with her three rescued dogs.

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