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If you would like to talk to me about exactly what your student’s first session with me will entail, please give me a call or text at 985-260-2620. If you are ready to schedule, click this link. Please have any previous scores handy. Because I have taught ACT and SAT prep in the classroom and tutored one-on-one for ten years, I am able to diagnose your child’s specific needs very quickly. The difference between my approach and those of canned tutoring companies is that the instruction your child gets with Link Private Tutoring is 100% customized to her or his specific ways of learning. A strategy that works for one student will harm another. I often work with students who have invested quite a bit of time and money in canned programs without positive results. After working with me, student’s gains are significant.


We work with real, released practice tests to ensure your practice matches the test you will take. In a 1.5 hour session, you will learn The Link Method to approaching each test type, passage type, and item type. Then you will practice your new skills by completing a timed passage. Next, we go over each item, reviewing why the right answer is right, and why any wrong answers you may have chosen or struggled with are wrong. You will gain an intimate understanding of the nuances of the test. Because the test is standardized, you will be able to apply this knowledge to other form codes including the one that counts! Lessons are targeted specifically to what you need to know to raise your score and reach your goal.

Give me a call or schedule a free consultation here, and we will discuss your child’s unique needs. 985-260-2620.