About our Founder

Headshot of Laura Link, head tutor and owner
Laura L. Link Head tutor and owner

Laura L. Link, Certified Teacher and ACT Prep, PSAT Prep and SAT tutor. 985-260-2620.

Our founder is a test prep professional and a certified teacher, currently practicing in Covington, La. Laura has taught ACT and SAT prep for 13 years, along with the essential skills and content intervention required to raise scores. Laura’s teaching experience includes: 13 years as a classroom teacher, grades 9-12 in Florida and in Louisiana.

LPT can also help you:
• prepare for your AP tests (except math and physics),
• raise your classwork grades
• stay on track by improving study skills and organization
• reduce test anxiety
• increase your skills in reading, grammar, vocabulary

LPT believes believe every student can learn. The key is to find your strengths and find your internal motivation. One on one teaching makes a significant difference. Even if school is not your thing, we promise you will be able to connect with our methods and enjoy success. Those who are motivated to earn their best score routinely see more than 3 point gains in each section of the ACT. Because of the family resemblance of standardized tests, you will see not only ACT score increases, but improved English and Math grades as well. Contact us at 985-260-2620 or laura@linkprivatetutoring.com for a free consultation.

Link Private Tutoring is proud to be a Founding Member of the National Test Prep Association. This organization exists to foster collaboration among test prep providers, to share best practices, effective use of materials, and professional standards in the industry, and to advocate for the appropriate administration and use of standardized tests for admissions and assessment purposes.