Author: Laura Link

  • Is studying business administration worth it?

    Wondering what subject to study at college or university? Let’s talk more about whether studying business administration is worth it. Is studying business administration worth it?

  • Memory and Accelerated Learning

    How to Use Speed Reading and Advanced Learning Strategies for Memory Improvement and a More Productive Time Memory And Accelerated Learning! “… Memory and Accelerated Learning

  • February ACT Refresher Class

  • Fundera College Scholarship for Student Entrepreneurs

    Amount: $2,000 Closing Date: January 1, 2021 Description: Scholarship is open to incoming and current college students in the United States. Applicant must be a young entrepreneur. Student must submit a video on a topic related to building your business without much money. Learn more about the Fundera College Scholarship, designed to help young entrepreneurs […]

  • Alexander Hamilton Scholarship

    Do you meet all the requirements to be a Hamilton Scholar? All applicants should: be juniors in high school be high-achieving and service-focused possess grit and perseverance have demonstrated need live in the United States (though you don’t have to be a resident!) be college-bound to a US-based institution be committed to participating in our […]

  • Home Page – The Coolidge | A Scholarship for America

    Home Page – The Coolidge | A Scholarship for America — Read on This scholarship is due in January. It is accepted at all accredited universities.

  • Free Teacher Resources

    My colleague, Heather Krey, has posted some excellent English and Math resources for teachers to use with students. Find them here.

  • Are Extracurriculars Important?

    Learn from Mike Bergin and his guest how colleges view extracurriculars in your college application. Building an A+ Extracurricular Resume

  • Are Tutors “Teaching to the Test?”

    When people say that test prep is ‘teaching to the test,’ I agree that it is always a good idea to know the mechanics, timing, and content of a test before you take it. Teachers provide study guides for this very reason. However, there is an additional benefit to taking a test preparation class in […]

  • What is School Day Testing?

    ACT/SAT School-Day Testing? Many families are aware that the SAT added a Sept. exam and the ACT added three extra test dates in Sept. and October alone (for 5 total). Fewer families have heard about the “SAT and ACT School Day Testing” program, with which high schools can arrange to test just their own school’s […]