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  • February ACT Refresher Class

  • Are Tutors “Teaching to the Test?”

    When people say that test prep is ‘teaching to the test,’ I agree that it is always a good idea to know the mechanics, timing, and content of a test before you take it. Teachers provide study guides for this very reason. However, there is an additional benefit to taking a test preparation class in […]

  • When can you NOT use a comma?

  • Test-optional may not be a good thing. “ACT and SAT scores benefit under-represented students, in particular, and college admissions decisions, in general. “

  • English ACT comma how to

  • Do Not Read the Directions on the ACT

    When you have spent time preparing for the ACT, you will know what the directions are. They will not change between now and when you take the test, so you do not have to spend time re-reading directions you have already read with your tutor. Also, ask your tutor if you should even follow the […]

  • Tutoring Online In the Covid-19 Crisis

    Nationwide, schools and libraries are closed. Students are trying to work from home so that they do not fall behind. Here at Link Private Tutoring, we are providing live one one one online tutoring sessions. With the ACT and SAT moved back to June, and for some September, parents and students alike are wondering what […]

  • 101 ACT Science Vocabulary Words You Should Know |

    Note from Link Private Tutoring. I really like this list of ACT science terms as well as the advice on using flash cards and learning 10-20 words at a time. That means start studying these words today! Key concepts to know: direct and inverse relationship, control, control group, experimental group, independent variable, dependent variable, controlled […]

  • ACT and SAT scores not only predictor of college success

    For admissions offices that are strapped for time, test scores can provide a place to start to identify whether or not a student will be successful, but da Silva also said there has to be a commitment to reviewing each application and reading the students’ stories as well. “At the end of the day, that’s […]

  • ACT Registration Questions- Which are Optional?

    As a teacher and a tutor, I am often the one student’s and parents come to for ACT and SAT registration advice, and I’m happy to help. All The questions about what sports are interested in and what classes you’ve taken can take up to 45 minutes to fill out. Some are optional, and some […]