How the ACT is different than other tests.

Multiple choice tests are not all alike. Let’s talk about the way that the ACT works and test taking hygiene. Now they’ve taught us how to wash our hands: you’ve got to take the whole 20 seconds. Test taking hygiene is the same. Always read every answer, because they put in distractors. The test writers put some things in that wrong answer B that made it look right. If you do not keep reading and read all your answer options, then you’re not going to catch that another answer is better because you didn’t even read it, and more times than not, you might choose the wrong answer. And without reading all of the answer options, there’s not a good chance of raising your score.

Read every answer option. That is not a place to take a shortcut.

And the reason that’s not a place to take a shortcut is that the ACT is nothing like the tests that your teacher gives you. If a teacher makes a multiple choice test, and you’ve studied, and you get to B and B is the right answer, and you know it because you’ve studied it, you can choose B and move on without reading the other ones. Trust me, the ACT is different.

The ACT is a valid and reliable test, so there are three wrong answers and one right answer, the ACT writes what they call distractors. Distractors are wrong answers that really look right. Therefore, expect to have to work at this test.

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